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Project Management Competency Training

Project Management Competency Training In A Workshop Mode

Duration: Done over a 5-day period
Highlights: Covering all knowledge areas & process groups, in a classroom setting, with learning followed by implementation at each process stage, on one of their own projects
Takeaway: Implementation on their own working projects means retention of skill & knowledge is high & change on ground is smooth. Here teams learn to plan, execute & monitor projects in coordination with knowledge areas
Added benefits: This program qualifies the team to apply for &write the PMP exam.
This engagement can be combined with a 3 day PMP exam -specific coaching session to pass the exam

Project-specification-site Consulting

Project-Specific Consulting

Duration: Done over a 2 to 3 month period at a 2-day frequency each month
Highlights: A typical hand-holding arrangement to take the project team through the project management implementation processes on ground
Takeaway: The project team when taken through the processes can now take up the management on their own in another project, with less frequent support, like say, 1 day per month
Added benefits: Once processes are installed on ground PMW can guide the organization set up a PMO which will act as a repository for all future projects

Project Schedule Management Workshop

Duration: This is an intensive 1-day session
Highlights: Participants learn about project scheduling
Takeaway: “A schedule is as good as the inputs you give”. Know how to create a realistic schedule.
Added benefits: Understand the role of the wbs (work breakdown structure) in scheduling

Workshops on other Knowledge Areas (KAs)

Duration: All are practical, learning-oriented 1-day sessions
Highlights: They learn the functionality of these KAs when interacting with the process groups
Takeaway: Learn to apply management of scope, procurement, communication & other KAs in their projects
Added benefits: Knowledge of various KAs increases the ability of team members to perform better on the project

Coaching to Build Leadership & a Cohesive Team

Duration: A practical, learning-oriented 1-day session
Highlights: Learn how to create & sustain a goal-oriented, motivated team
Takeaway: They pick up soft skills as an additional skill to complement process & tech. knowledge
Added benefits: Studies have shown that most issues on projects are people-centric. Thus soft skills help in improving performance

PMP exam Preparation 35 Hrs Training

Duration: A 4-day 35 hrs. Training to write the exam
Highlights: Done on a PMI model
Takeaway: Get the knowledge & confidence to pass the PMP exam
Added benefits: The combined projects experience of the team at pmw performance solutions can make a major difference in this 4 day program

Induction Training for Graduate Trainee Engineers (GETs)

Highlights: Generally, organization-specific but a sample model could have a 5-day delivery along with an 80 hr. Content preparation period
Takeaway: Get the GETs to understand company processes & SOPs

Project Risks Management

Project Risks Management Workshop

Duration: A 2-Day Program
Highlights: A learning cum practice session on handling project risks
Takeaway: Know how to identify, analyze & plan to handle risks
Added Benefit: Get the confidence to keep the project schedule & budget under control