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When I came out of Engineering college I was armed with a degree. I was good at analysis and design. But essentially I was a “Paper” Engineer. I had no practical experience. I know that’s the case with all engineers, even now probably.

I was thrown into a project situation with nothing but analytical skills. Throughout my career I had to manage projects with no managerial(tech & people) skills, picking them up as I went along, making lot of avoidable mistakes in the process.My degree did not give me the skills needed to manage practical, on-the-job situations, on projects.

In many cases I found that even though I had the technical knowledge I did’nt have the people handling skills to manage a situation.We need our project professionals to be trained with managerial & people skills to make them into leaders who can influence others to realize goals.Is the present company & project environment conducive to such an outcome? Ask yourself! Can we change this scenario? Its our responsibility to do so and we definitely CAN!!