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when we think of success we also think about failure! That shouldn’t be the case , right? But it happens somehow or the other. There is a fear of failure always, right? Lets try to understand this. Before we come to the subject of failure what are the ingredients of success?

Success has a huge attitudinal part to it, did you know? They say success is a journey! There is a huge learning element in success. Failure is not failure, its learning! Heard that one?

When you set out on an endeavour what do you learn? You find things don’t go to plan many times. You had a dream, broken down to goals & an action plan. So what happens? Your plan seems to get derailed repeatedly & you are frustrated. The fear element creeping in? Do you give up?

That’s where the attitude comes in. Do you curse & cry, &, like a friend says, feel like you’ve lost your manhood! So you got to keep going. And how do you do that?

Like we said earlier its a journey with ups & downs & change of plans & so on. GET UP ONE MORE TIME WHEN YOU FALL! Accept failure, don’t fight it! Learn from it. Be ready for the long haul. Success is as much about achieving as it is about learning.

Be willing to change & become humble. Eventually when you reach the goal you would have changed & helped others to change, all for the better!

In a project it is the same. It is Plan, Do, Check, Learn, Adjust, Act & keep doing this again & again & again till you reach your goal & your dream. You become better & better, you change, others in your team change, everyone succeeds & all enjoy the journey!!

Friends we’ll keep building on this subject as we go along. Love to hear from you!