Hello And Welcome!

We at PMW Performance Solutions are really glad to meet you today! Did you know that managing projects (project is defined as a temporary endeavor with a unique outcome) is tricky business? So many uncertainties & no guarantee of meeting objectives, correct?

Hold on, hold on! Let’s not go down that line of thinking. We at PMW are dedicated to building the necessary (and more) skills to make your project journey uneventful & give your team the success & feel-good that you so deserve.

Who Are We? What’s PMW all about?

If you keep doing whatever you’re doing you’ll keep getting whatever you’re getting, is the old saying we’ve all heard about. So true with regard to projects, isn’t it?

Why is it that most projects are delayed or go into cost overruns? Are we lacking something? Where are we going wrong? After analyzing years of project management knowledge data available out there we believe there are some issues that are plaguing us all the time:

  1. The first one I believe is that we are not willing to change. Change is painful, it requires getting out of the comfort zone.
  2. Projects are stressful, to say the least. We don’t enjoy them most of the time
  3. It’s a regular battle with stakeholders on projects, what with their conflicting requirements & all.
  4. Working as a team is a major challenge. Most of us have poor soft skills
  5. A technical education does not teach us some good practices in project management which can address common problems( but with big impact) encountered in projects
Project management

On the brighter side

  • Project management awareness has been spreading across industries
  • Project team members are going for credentials like the PMP exam, although this is happening at a slow pace
  • Many organizations spread across industries are looking at this seriously, one reason being that clients/customers are demanding certification in project management of those (organization’s) teams as a pre-condition to allotting work
  • Many realize that project management is not extra work, rather this(using project management techniques), is the right & required way to work on projects

What is PMW Looking at doing?

  • Direct approach – meet stakeholders in organizations to give this message that project management is one of the best routes to project performance improvement. We also use our blogs, mail newsletters & articles to widen the reach of the message
  • Simultaneously (or by pro-actively creating opportunities) introduce & explain regarding our products & services
  • Explain the benefits that accrued due to shifting to project management techniques in the approach to running projects
  • Conduct workshops in a 50:50 – Learning: Implementation model for maximum impact in a short time period of 1 to 5 days
  • Hand-hold project teams, on their running projects, over a mutually agreed protracted period, to implement these best practices so that change for the better happens without stress & in a smooth manner
  • Help improve team performance by adopting a Coach-Leader style of leadership as against a managerial, Direct & Control approach
  • Project management is applicable across industries & so our reach goes out to all organizations executing projects in any industry

K T Madhusudan, PMP

K T Madhusudan, BE Civil, PMP, Performance Coach.
Founder & Director, PMW Performance Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Manickam Subbiah, BE Mech., PMP

Director- Project Management,
PMW Performance Solutions Pvt. Ltd