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Failure is not failure, Success is a journey

when we think of success we also think about failure! That shouldn’t be the case , right? But it happens somehow or the other. There is a fear of failure always, right? Lets try to understand this. Before we come to the subject of failure what are the ingredients of success? Success has a huge […]

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Its Funny How—!

when you set out to achieve your goal (en route to your dream), doubts start creeping in, don’t they? That’s when you need to focus on your mission, your purpose. When the “why”(the purpose) is strong you want to create an impact, there’s a sense of urgency & there’s an urge to move forward QUICKLY! […]

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Fresh Engineers or Paper Engineers?

When I came out of Engineering college I was armed with a degree. I was good at analysis and design. But essentially I was a “Paper” Engineer. I had no practical experience. I know that’s the case with all engineers, even now probably. I was thrown into a project situation with nothing but analytical skills. […]

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People Skills and Successful Project Managers: The Irrefutable Connection

So your dream project just got cancelled after weeks of hard work. Or your boss just assigned you a truck load of fresh work when you’re already neck deep in pending tasks. Still worse, your teammates decide to play hooky and most of them are on leave at the same time. As a project manager, […]

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People management – The cornerstone of project success

Project management can be a rocky road or smooth sailing depending on a host of factors. Most often companies spend so much time planning, defining the scope and risk factors, and establishing right processes, that they ignore the biggest piece of the project management puzzle. The people who will ultimately take it to successful closure. […]

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Implementing Project Management Best Practices is not a cost but an Investment

How good would it be if you can control your project rather than the project controlling you? Come on, you say, is that some kind of new phrase coined by some chair-warming expert more than anything else! Not really, it’s a fact & we know it. Most projects go into time & cost overruns. If you take […]

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Sometimes its not a challenge, its an opportunity!

Its funny how simple things are sometimes. You could be looking for great path-breaking ideas or processes to take on a pressing, recurring, problem which is straining

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